How to connect PS4 to laptop using HDMI cable?

Last updated Jul 7, 2021

Have you ever thought of connecting your PS4 to your laptop? Well, you can actually do so with an HDMI cable. Think of it, how awesome would it be to play some of the most addictive games on your laptop.

This high-definition multimedia interface will connect the PS4 to the laptop screen so that you can easily watch and play games on the laptop. With the HDMI, it will only use the uni-directional output and input to ensure that the game quality remains the same, and you can enjoy the same as you do while playing on the PS4.

However, it may not be the easiest process to connect the PS4 to the laptop. Even though there is an HDMI port available on the console, you need to have several requirements to connect the PS4 to the laptop screen to have the best video output.

How to connect PS4 using the HDMI cable to the laptop?

Remember, whenever you plan to use your laptop instead of television to use Playstation, some of the functional requirements are necessary. The HDMI port could take output or input from PS4. You have to fix that problem to ensure that you are not only getting the content of the PS4 on the laptop screen but can also play games on the laptop screen.

The prerequisites for connecting PS4 to the laptop using the HDMI cable are given below. Make sure you have all these important accessories while you are connecting your laptop with the PS4.

  • Laptop
  • HDMI cable with dual-functioning
  • PS4
  • Internet connectivity
  • Remote controller
  • Micro USB cable

These are some of the must-have requirements to connect PlayStation 4 to the laptop screen. Moreover, if you are worried about the sound settings, you can easily adjust them using the PlayStation 4 sound settings. Also, do a functioning HDMI port will be a convenient option to connect to the laptop and the PlayStation. Let’s find out how this works. 

How to use the dual function in HDMI cable to connect Playstation to the laptop screen?

The connectivity of the PlayStation 4 with the laptop screen becomes a lot easier over time because of the HDMI port available on the console. However, you still need to understand the process well to ensure that you have no issues later. The HDMI is an interface that is considered to be standard for most of the videos and audios. For transferring the uncompressed that are HDMI interface is the perfect option.

Let’s find out the steps to connect PlayStation 4 to the laptop screen.

Step 1


Before you connect the HDMI cable to your target laptop and the PlayStation 4, you have to activate the file-sharing feature. And with that, you have to follow the following steps.

  • Go to the settings menu in your Playstation 4
  • Find the network setting when click on it.
  • Now choose the settings of internet connections.
  • Click your router

Step 2

Now you can connect the video capture card using the USB port. There is also an option for the video connection that you can also use. Using the USB port will make it even easier for you to connect. Once you have connected the video capture card, you can connect the PlayStation 4 console on the video capture card. This video capture card can be connected to the PlayStation 4 using the s video connection cable.

Step 3

Here’s an important step – you connect the HDMI input to the video capture card, and the HDMI output is connected to the PlayStation 4. This is a simple step and does not require a lot of information, but you need to follow the steps above that to ensure the functioning is proper and smooth.

After you connect the HDMI in and out, you can now work further. You have to open the capture card software application and find the PlayStation 4 connection on the screen option. Once you have found the option, you can change the resolution on display for better screen resolution on the laptop.

Step 4

The next step is to configure the laptop for streaming games that is available in the PlayStation 4. This might be a tricky step, therefore you need to do it properly with all the necessary information. This is not only the last step but the most important step as well.

The laptop usually has a dedicated port for HDMI cables, but these ports are usually input ports. For immersive gameplay options of PlayStation 4 on your laptop screen, you have to follow all the above steps properly to ensure that you can finally play the games of PlayStation 4 on your laptop.

These are some of the steps that can help you connect your PS4 to the laptop using the HDMI cable. However, there are still many other options available for connecting the PlayStation 4 to your laptop screen. You can also use the Sony remote play application, which is super easy to use and does not have any complex process to access the games on the laptop.

Wrapping up

Using the HDMI cable for playing the PlayStation 4 games on a laptop screen can be an efficient and easier option if you properly connect the laptop to the PlayStation 4 console.

The above steps will help you connect PS4 to laptop screen using the high definition media interface cable. Look at the other options available for accessing PlayStation 4 gameplay on the laptop screen. However, if you are wondering what the other process is, we have discussed it as well. It is the Sony remote Play application, which is a much more efficient and affordable option that you can use. The best part is that this option is available for Windows and Mac users both.

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