How To Charge A Laptop Battery Manually?

Last updated Aug 13, 2020

A laptop has become one of the essential tools in modern life. Whether you are a college student or a highly-skilled worker, you rely on your laptop to do your work efficiently. And that is unlikely to change any time soon. The easiest way to charge the laptop is with a specially designed original charger, but what happens if you don’t have access to one? Maybe it has malfunctioned, or maybe you have forgotten it at home, and your laptop battery is on its last leg. This article will tell you about some alternative ways to charge your laptop. 

Various ways to charge the laptop battery without the original charger.

1. USB cable

All modern laptops have multiple USB ports. You usually use them to charge smaller devices or to transfer data from your laptop to these devices. The majority of the laptops have A-type USB ports, but there are also B and C types. The A-type ports can only send power out to charge smaller devices, whereas the C type can be used to receive power from an outer source. Most modern high-tech laptops have this type of USB port (e.g., Macbook Pro, Asus Chromebook Flip C302, and some Dell models.) So, check your laptop for the USB C type port. If it has one, then you can use your smartphone as a power source. Of course, it will not be enough to fully charge it, but it will give your laptop a few extra minutes of life so that you can finish your task. 

2. A universal power adapter

If you do not have the original charger with you, the universal power adapter will do for a short while. But the long-term use of the adapter to charge your laptop is not recommended as it can be dangerous. The laptops are designed to be charged with the original charger, so using a power adapter for a long time may cause irreversible damage to the battery. Besides, the adapter cannot be used with all models, so it is not that universal after all. 

3. External battery charger

To use this device for charging your laptop battery, you need to remove it from the laptop first. After removing the battery, you can connect it to the charger and connect the charger itself to the power source. This process requires a bit more skill and time, and some computers, Macbook, for example, do not have an easily removable battery, so this method will not do the trick for them. When purchasing an external battery charger, make sure that it is compatible with your laptop’s model as there are many different types on the market. 

4. Solar power

Solar power is becoming increasingly popular as a power source, and nowadays, you can use it to charge your laptop. The solar panel generates the power, and it doesn’t depend on the traditional power source. The modern kits can be folded and transported with ease, so this type of device is ideal if you are going hiking or camping, and you know that there is no point taking the charger because you will not have access to the electrical grid for a while. Also, this method is compatible with most laptops.

5. Auto adapter

The auto adapter is the device that connects to your car through the place where there is usually a cigarette lighter. If you have one, you can charge your laptop battery while the car is in motion. Before purchasing one, you need to make sure that it is compatible with your laptop’s model. Also, make sure that the adapter works as advertised and doesn’t have any glitches. The last thing you want is for it to malfunction while you are driving on the highway. 

6. AC adaptor

Some laptops have an AC adaptor hookup, and those laptops can be charged using an AC adaptor. If your laptop happens to have this feature, all you need to do is connect the adapter to the port and let it do its job. 

7. A new battery

Laptop batteries do not have a long lifespan. At some point, they just stop functioning properly. If you have reached this point and see that no matter what you do, your battery keeps losing charge extremely quickly, consider changing it for a new one. It is vital to ensure that the battery you buy is compatible with your laptop; otherwise, there may be some major problems on the way. The best thing to do is to buy an identical battery from the manufacturer of your laptop. 

Tips that will help your laptop battery last longer

Avoid heating your battery at all costs. Lithium batteries need to be handled with extreme care, as lithium can be a dangerous element. If you are changing your battery, keep it in a place far away from any heat source. 

Also, never put the battery in the sunlight. This will cause irreparable damage to it, and it can also be very dangerous. Safety is of utmost importance hen handling laptop batteries, so make sure that you are extra cautious. 

In addition, be careful with the wiring, and when you are putting the battery back in its place, make sure that you are plugging in everything where it is supposed to be. If there is a mix-up, the consequences can be disastrous. The battery may stop working altogether or even explode. So, be careful. 

Also, try to keep your battery over 40 % and under 80 % charge. This way of prolonging your battery’s lifespan requires a lot of self-discipline, but if you manage to do it, you will extend the laptop battery’s longevity. 

Don’t put the laptop directly on your lap or on a soft surface when working. This blocks the air vents and makes the battery heat up, which decreases the lifespan of your laptop. Besides, the fans may suck up some dust or pieces of fabric that will create a whole other problem. 

To conclude, there are several sensible ways to charge the laptop battery without the original charger. Which method is most appropriate for you depends on the type of laptop you own. The battery is the laptop’s beating heart without which it cannot function, so it is necessary to take good care of it. 

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